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About NyZoSa Designs

Designer: Jesse Garcia 


I make jewelry out of wire and stone which includes semi-precious gemstones, beach/sea glass, hand blown glass, and beads of all types. I use mainly copper core wire and sterling silver wire in my designs. My goal is to create pieces that invite people to look at all the possible stories of the object and choose the one that resonates with them.


All my jewelry is hand fabricated resulting in original, one of a kind pieces. Because each stone is unique and it is hand crafted, even if the design is similar, each necklace, set of earrings, or bracelet is different. I love using wire in my designs because it can be shaped, textured, and wrapped in patterns that allow it to complement a stone’s presentation or stand alone to tell a story. My wire creations grew out of my many years as a fiber artist/quilter. When I work with wire and stone, I am reminded that simple elements can be combined into lovely patterns and designs. Wire and stone allow me to share those stories on a much smaller scale.


I hand make all the chains for my necklaces and bracelets. I consider the chains an integral part of the design that needs to match and reflect the uniqueness of the focal stone. The pattern of the links in the chain can also tell a story even if no stone or bead is present.


I invite my customers to respond to the focal stone, glass, or bead elements of my jewelry designs along with the shapes and patterns of the wire to choose the perfect necklace, earring, or bracelet for themselves or as a gift for a special person.

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